Hey all! So the good folks over at OpenMeridian.org have gone open-source with the first and best graphical MMO of all time, Merdian 59. While messing around with it over the holidays, I ran into Attaturk, a great old buddy from the original run. We got to talking and decided we needed to set up a private server that's invite only so we can avoid the whole asshat experience.

The server is up and running, we have about 5 to 6 of us old timers on at peaks, but the game needs more good folks, so I'm extending an invite to all of you. The game is completely free. I'm paying for the server hosting and Turk and I are doing the admin duties. I'm actually working on refining the new OGRE framework based client (I'm working on a UNITY-based client to replace it)

If you ever played M59, I urge you to come take a look and log in from time to time, it's just as much fun as it was in the day and aside from the sprite based graphics, it really does stand the test of time.

If you never played but want to see how ahead of its time the game was and meet some amazing folks (and I will tell you that we have more than a couple professional game devs who are playing) you are more than welcome.

Reach out to me via email or on Steam chat and I'll give you the registration code you'll need to create the account.

Hope to see you guys in Meridian!!!